Copying this course

"You can use this course like a regular website and just link your students to it. But I've also built this course so that you an duplicate and customize it to your student's own needs. You can keep the text but use different examples, interweave a discipline specific topic (like climate change or immigration), add your own discussion questions, or just clean up errors you find (I promise you I have made at least a few typos). If you disagree with the presentation of an issue you can improve it."

Step One: Get an Education Notion account

Get an Education Notion account.

Notion is free for educators

"I worry a lot about recommending people sign up for services. I don't want to subject students or teacher to tracking or data collection unnecessarily. I've looked at Notion, and my take on them is they are worthy of my trust. Importantly, their business revolves around paid services, not ad revenue. But you should make your own decision."

Step Two: Log in and then visit the first page of our course

Go to the course you would like to copy, e.g. the

Return to Enter: An Introduction to Distance Digital Higher Education

Up in the right hand corner is a button labeled "Duplicate". Click it.

You now have a copy of the course.

Image of Return to Enter homepage with red arrow highlighting "Duplicate" link in upper right-hand corner.

Image of Return to Enter homepage with red arrow highlighting "Duplicate" link in upper right-hand corner.

"You can then decide whether you want to make it public. You can edit, delete, rearrange, and rewrite any page."

Updating and Exporting

"If at a later time you wish to pull a new updated version from us, just delete your old one, and reduplicate. (One note: when you re-import the page URLs will change, so if you plan to reimport minimize "deep-linking" into the site. Instead, direct students to the home page of the site and tell them what to click.

With your own copy of the site you can also export the material into downloadable HTML (crucial for producing accessible and offline versions). "

You also have the option of downloading a Markdown and CSV package.

Citing Copies

"When making duplicate copies, it would be nice if you left the note about where to find the original course in. It's at the bottom of the initial page.