Almost all college courses use a higher education content management system (HE-CMS), often called a learning management system. These lessons use the label HE-CMS because, you, the student, are managing your learning. Your college's HE-CMS software stores and distributes information, but only you can learn. In addition, there are many content management systems (CMS) that you will encounter, including the one hosting these lessons (Notion), in college and your work. Recognizing the systems' commonalities can help you adjust to their novelty.

As websites, HE-CMS are not great. These websites try to do too many things in one place. They are websites to stick information, distribute quizzes and tests, record grades, host discussions, and serve as a portal to other college websites.

Recognizing the challenges of the HE-CMS is the first step to successfully using them as a student. HE-CMS are just another college digital tool, like email and the library wesbsite, that you are responsible for using competently. This section introduces you to common features of HE-CMS. You are encouraged to seek out your own college's tips on using your version. There are five leading HE-CMS and your college likely uses one. They are Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai.

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